Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Slab Leaks Can Cause Severe Damage To Your Home

Fort Lauderdale Florida’s  Jenco Plumbing are slab leak repair experts for leaking water pipes under your concrete slab foundation or outdoor pipe leaks.
Many homes and buildings are built with a concrete slab foundation and copper or galvanized water pipes under the slab. The copper pipe or galvanized pipe is set on the dirt and then the pipe is extended above the slab surface to be connected at a latter time to the copper pipe that connects to bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry or any other room in the house requiring a water supply. The concrete is then poured over the top of the pipes, securing  them beneath the concrete foundation.It is not unusual for the hot water pipe to go first since it is subject to expansion and contraction due to heat and cooling. Also, very tiny leaks could be cause be the smallest dent or bend, or foundation slab movement and deteriates until it breaks open a pin hole leak that gets larger as the continued water pressure wears on it.Jenco Plumbing is your Fort Lauderdale, Florida  specialist at detecting leaking water pipes under your concrete slab foundation.
Utilizing the latest electronic amplification and electromagnetic pipeline locating equipment we can pin point the exact location of the copper water pipe that is leaking.

Some signs of an under slab water leak are:

Your water bill suddenly goes up it may be due to a slab leak.
Wet areas on your carpet or damp spots on your flooring occur, you may notice that your water pressure is significantly  lower than normal or noticeable foundation settling  can be the cause of underground water pipe leaks.

If you have an under concrete slab water pipe leak call Jenco Plumbing @ (954)788-2802 we are your slab leak detection and slab leak repair experts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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