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About Jenco Plumbing

Wayne Jenkins is the owner/operator/president of Jenco Plumbing Services, Inc. Wayne is a graduate of Coconut Creek High School and a second generation plumber.

Wayne started Jenco Plumbing with the help of his wife, Tammy. Wayne has become a well-respected Master Plumber. You get straight answers to your plumbing questions whether a residential plumbing question or major plumbing project. Wayne will also give the most cost-effective plan for your plumbing needs.

As a plumbing contractor for bids, Wayne has got a keen eye in reading plans and being able to give a full estimate based not only on those plans, but in addition for items an architect may miss – hence, no unexpected change orders – and will generally provide his own isometric drawing as a part of the project at hand if needed.

Wayne Jenkins, as the owner of Jenco Plumbing, has integrity and takes pride in his work and is proven by the return of many happy and loyal customers and general contractors.